Let Us Celebrate Earth Day

– on April 22 or/and at Equinox –

as a joint venture of the Abrahamitic religions
and in the conscious sight of our mutual transcendent origin
and together in a reunion inviting guests from many other religions and philosophical attitudes –
– including all from A, like Atheism, to Z, like Zoroastrianism:
Let’s have music and songs of joy, appreciation, life, love – from various cultures –
and let’s share universal wisdom, let’s spend a festive day with each other;
let us also provide general information on mankind, and let’s work together
for our planet Earth and for a humankind of eight billion – – people
living in peace and collectively prospering in individual lives.
Let us compose lyrics and melodies, poems and texts
enlightening our cosmic human origin in The Transcendent Power creating all universes of all times:
God, The One who is good, because we – mankind – exist.

Celebrate Abrahamitically!